Your Future Home Will Be Much Nicer to You I’ve talked a lot on this blog about technological determinism, which is the theory of how technologies can shape our lives and environments, and influence the way humankind evolves. This is a really cool video which offers insight into how new AI technologies are going to effect […]

Two Sides of the AI Coin

So it seems to me that there’s been a definite split within the field of AI, and its starting to show itself within the public forum. I don’t mean like a nasty break-up between researchers or anything. What I mean is, there are two very different views on where Artificial Intelligence is headed. Or rather, […]

Robot Visionary is now live on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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On Artificial Intelligence and Autocorrect

From a robot playing chess to the Terminator franchise, its safe to say that when we as a society talk about AI, more often than not we’re already thinking about cyborgs and the impending robot apocalypse. But as 2014 has ended, and 2015 begun, the ways in which we have associated AI are beginning to […]

Why Do We Love AI So Much?

If you think about it, most current technological innovations nowadays really don’t make sense. Like, think about it: do we really need all of this stuff? We as a people survived just fine without computers for the greater part of our existence as a race. Now, all of a sudden its like, BOOM. Computers, emails, […]